Compost Facilities

A Key Stakeholder

Our commercial compost partners are essential to the success of our layered approach to organics diversion and recovery. Source separated organics are clean and nutrient rich. SSO is an essential part of the feedstock that compost facilities require to make nutrient rich compost available for retail sale. Sending SSO to commercial compost facilities is the most efficient use of this valuable commodity.

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Biodegradable Products InstituteOur BPI® certified custom manufactured compostable liners were designed with compost facilities in mind. Consistently, our compostable liners completely disintegrate into CO2, water and biomass within 45 days. Our liners have been tested in commercial facilities across the United States and Canada.

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Our liners are engineered to perform. Our extreme duty liners survive the compaction of a garbage truck with less than 3% contamination and our heavy duty liners do the job in institutions, businesses and restaurants across the country.

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