Partnerships for Lasting Impact

Ridgeview Medical Center

Ridgeview Medical Center located in Waconia, Minnesota was the first in the nation to use a 30 yard self-contained compactor to co-collect organic waste with MSW. The compactor is then sorted and the organic waste is diverted to composting facilities to become nutrient rich compost. This is achieved by using our BPI® certified compostable 33 gallon Extreme Duty bags, which is the backbone of our co-collection program.

  • Our compostable bags are proven durable in this 30 yard self-contained compactor scenario.
  • Average compactor load was 6.45 tons with organics fraction weighing 1.97 tons (30.5%)
  • 122 compostable bags with an average weight of 35 pounds of organic waste per bag and a 98% recovery rate.