Organics Recycling
that's Easy and Affordable


The following FAQs have been provided to help answer your questions about the Blue Bag Organics Source Separated Program.

Can I compost Blue Bags at home?

No. Blue Bags need the controlled environmental conditions that compost facilities provide namely, heat, water and oxygen. These conditions are ideal to ensure a rapid and complete degradation of our bags.

How long will it take for a Blue Bag Organics bag to biodegrade?

Biodegradable Products InstituteConsistently, our 100% BPI® certified bags completely biodegrade into biomass, water and CO2 within 45 days leaving no harmful residue! This includes the star-seal at the bottom of the bag which represents 20% of the total weight of the bag!

Is organics recycling better than using the garbage disposal?

Yes, recycling organic waste into compost is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than using a garbage disposal. It takes energy and resources to process out solids including food waste at wastewater treatment plants. Food waste can also overload your septic system and cause problems.

Under the new program, how do I dispose of my household’s food waste?

On trash day, hand tie the Blue Bag Organics can liner containing your household’s food waste and place it inside your regular refuse cart. Your hauler will separate from other trash at their facility. Then your organics are off to a composting facility.

What are Blue Bags made from?

Great question! The answer can be found here on our technology page. Please click on it to learn more about compostable bioplastics!

What does BPI® certified mean?

Biodegradable Products InstituteBPI® is short for Biodegradable Products Institute. BPI® is an association that was established to provide testing, education and promotion of compostable products. BPI® ensures that any product that carries its logo meet the ASTM D6400 standard and specifications required to be compostable. The BPI® logo gives confidence to consumers, composters and regulators of a truly compostable product.

What happens to my organics waste? Where does it go?

When Blue Bag Organics bags are buried at an industrial composting facility, the bags and their contents disintegrate in less than two months, turning into nutrient-rich compost that is bagged and sold at your local garden center.

What makes Blue Bag Organics different from any other compostable bag?

Blue Bag Organics patent pending compostable liners are engineered to survive the compaction of a garbage truck and preserve the contents of the organics recyclables on their journey to a compost facility. It’s why we call our bags Extreme Duty. There isn’t a compostable bag on the market that is stronger.