Organics Recycling
that's Easy and Affordable

Blue Bag Organics® Subscription Program

Our patented Blue Bag Organics® program is the most efficient and cost effective method to collect organics for valuable reuse on any scale. Our BBO program benefits all stakeholders by eliminating the need for additional trucks, routes and containers, saving enormous costs, preventing harmful CO2 emissions, and makes organics recycling easy for the user. It is a truly sustainable solution.

We help our partners every step of the way to successfully roll out their SSO programs.

  • Designed to be convenient for the end user
  • Assist with phased implementation
  • Provide marketing and learning tools
  • Focus on the "opportunities to recycle" meant to be as easy and convenient as disposing mixed waste

Our BBO Program is the first layer in our layered approach which captures the clean organic source separated material and diverts it to compost facilities who can recycle this resource to its highest value use. These facilities will create compost that is highest in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK), the three most common fertilizers sought after for maintaining healthy soil.

Blue Bag Organics - Proven, Practical, Sustainable

Analyzing food waste at the molecular level reveals the presence of the valuable soil nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) that are the three most widely applied fertilizers. In a landfill these nutrients are worthless.

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