Our Waste Hauler Partners

Capitalize on Potential

Our hauling partners have been revolutionizing the recycling movement for decades and it has paid valuable dividends through advances in material sorting while reducing the amount of MSW to landfill. The pressures to divert even more waste from landfill are increasing at the local, state and national level. Landfill space will continue to shrink, tip fees are rising and the amount of MSW we are producing will only continue to escalate. Organics diversion is the next recycling revolution.

Food waste, non-recycled paper and yard waste organics can account for over 30% of the waste stream. Organix Solutions help our hauling partners unlock new revenue streams and save significant costs recovering the organics for valuable reuse.

Our team can help with the challenges of managing organics and developing infrastructure without the pain of a learning curve. We've done it.

Our Blue Bag / Green Bag Organics Program eliminates the need for haulers to add routes, trucks and containers to collect organics, saving enormous costs. With our program, organics waste is co-collected with other MSW where it is then sorted and diverted to compost facilities to become nutrient rich compost.

Blue Bag Organics and Green Bag Organix Programs

We help our partners every step of the way to successfully roll out their SSO programs.

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  • Designed to be convenient for the end user
  • Assist with phased implementation
  • Provide marketing and learning tools
  • Focus on the "opportunities to recycle" meant to be as easy and convenient as disposing mixed waste.

We've also found that a reliable double digit increase in better recycling practices occurs when communities and businesses use our program, unlocking additional revenue streams in the recovery of traditional recyclables for municipalities.

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