If you are interested in joining the Organix Solutions team, we would like to hear from you!

Current Opening: Marketing and Communications Intern

Job Description: 

Marketing and Communications Intern - Paid

This position reports to Organix Solutions' Vice President and General Manager and has significant marketing and communication responsibility between the company and public. Please send all qualified resumes to, we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Assist the marketing team with the creation and implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Assist in the strategy, design and implementation of advertisements and other marketingmaterials including but not limited to: brochures, handouts, promotions, tutorials, and socialmedia content
  • Produce content and graphics for media-related outlets
  • Graphic design experience required, proficiency in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator preferred


  •  Research policy and industry topics pertinent to project management goals
  •  Evaluate effectiveness of sales and marketing effort
  •  Prepare reports and analyses on competing industries and products
  •  Assist with identifying leads and opportunities for market development


  • Monitor and build social media channels, ensuring an effective cross-promotion ofinformation distribution
  • Assist with quarterly e-Newsletters
  • Develop and monitor a media relations database
  • Assist with media outreach, public events and other marketing opportunities
  • Other duties as assigned

What We Do
Our mission is to provide cost-effective and sustainable collection and treatment solutions that recover organic waste, recycle it to highest-value uses and return it to our community value chain. Organics and non-recycled paper represent up to 67% of the municipal solid waste stream. We work to reverse this unsustainable and unprofitable disposal model in favor of a layered approach that is regenerative and restorative by design. Our solutions prevent this immense fraction of MSW from ever reaching a landfill. 

What You Will Learn

  • Worldwide market opportunities for waste reduction programs
  • Marketing and research projects aimed at international markets
  • The latest advances in biopolymer film applications across industries
  • New and disruptive technologies around waste diversion and alternative energies
  • Assist in developing presentations for sales, marketing and public policy
  • Research for marketing, public policy, and strategy

What We Prefer

  • Experience in group work and projects
  • Excellent writing, communications and presentation skills
  • Organized, creative and flexible with strong follow-up skills
  • Comfortable and confident in a high paced, results oriented environment
  • Proficient and creative in MS Word, Excel, Power Point
  • You have a chosen major
  • Your GPA is 3.0 or higher
  • We encourage you to suggest how we can develop our assignments for you to complement your major

What We Promise

  • You won't be assigned menial tasks
  • You will be given a dedicated work space and resources to be effective
  • You will be included in strategy, operational planning, sales and marketing meetings
  • A mentor/supervisor from senior management
  • 360 feedback. We will tell you how you are doing and want to hear from you if we are meeting your needs

Please send a resume/cover letter and refer all HR questions to: