Soil Biodegradable Mulch Film

Organix A.G. Film™

Organix A.G. Film™ is proven in the field across North America and Central America to provide growers with all the performance characteristics of conventional polyethylene (PE) mulch film in a range of applications and can be down gauged in thickness for additional cost savings.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Reduced weed, disease and insect pressure
  • Enhanced moisture control
  • Increase soil temperature
  • Supports an ideal microclimate for the growth of various crops
  • Compatible with conventional mulch layers
  • Compatible with irrigation equipment
  • Good stretch properties
  • Easy to perforate

Organix A.G. Film is soil biodegradable.

At the end of the growing cycle, plow Organix A.G. Film into the soil. Temperature, humidity and microorganisms in the soil will turn Organix A.G. Film into biomass, water and carbon dioxide.

  • Significant Cost Savings
    • Won't pollute the soil with remaining PE remnants
    • No landfill tip fees
    • No additional transportation
  • Environmental Benefits
    • Won’t pollute the soil with PE remnants remaining behind
    • Eliminates plastic going to landfill
    • Reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Organix A.G. Film is TUV Certified "OK Biodegradable Soil"

Organix A.G. Film is certified biodegradable through the international soil certification by TUV.