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Organix Solutions layered approach closes the loop in organics recovery, helping all stakeholders achieve their goals toward sustainability and zero waste.

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  • Anaerobic Digestion converts organic material to biofuel CNG and soil amendment
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Organix Solutions layered approach closes the loop in organics recovery in the pursuit of zero waste.

Today, 3 billion urban residents generate about 1.3 billion tonnes of MSW per year. By 2025 this will likely increase to 4.3 billion urban residents generating about 2.2 billion tonnes per year.

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Building a Sustainable Future

At Organix Solutions, we are confronting the challenges of solid waste today. Providing efficient and sustainable solutions with new technologies in practice, we capture organics for valuable re-use while curbing significant greenhouse gas emissions.

Providing our Stakeholders Solutions

Our sustainable layered approach builds on communities existing strengths in their recycling and recovery efforts to reduce waste to landfill and return key nutrients to the value chain.

Our sustainable layered approach Our sustainable layered approach
In Partnership for Lasting Impact

The challenges of managing solid waste are increasingly complex, yet there are tremendous opportunities to unlock new revenue streams, save money and gain competitive advantage. Working in partnership with our customers, our team has the experience to deliver solutions that are proven, practical and sustainable.

  • "The Blue Bag team not only brings the expertise and vision. It is pleasure to work with such enthusiastic people!  Together we make a great team!"

    Colleen Sinclair - Recycling Coordinator City of Coon Rapids
How can we partner with you today?

We feel privileged to help solve our customers waste diversion challenges. We invite you to learn more and reach out to the Organix Solutions team who are here to share our knowledge and solutions with you.

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